ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest

ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest

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If you’re reading this article there’s a pretty good chance you may already be familiar with ClickFunnels and how to grow your business online using the power of sales funnels. And, you might also already be promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate to earn additional income on the side or as a full time endeavor. But, did you know that ClickFunnels also makes it possible for you to win a car on top of all of that?

What? You didn’t!?!? I’m shocked.

Well, it’s true and in this article I’m going to explain exactly what the program is, how it works, and how you can qualify to receive additional payments from ClickFunnels to cover the monthly payments on your very own dream car.

So if that’s the information you’re looking for then you’re in the right place.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is the ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest?

The ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest is an incentive program that rewards successful ClickFunnels affiliates with additional monthly monetary compensation to cover the cost of the affiliate’s dream car. Monthly monetary compensation awarded to affiliates by qualifying for the dream car goes above and beyond what the affiliate typically earns in commissions by simply promoting the company’s products.

Started in 2015, the ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest was first announced by Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels at Funnel Hacking Live that same year. Affiliates will qualify for their very own dream car by successfully promoting ClickFunnels (and still earning monthly recurring commissions in the process) as an affiliate.

How Does the Dream Car Contest Work?

If you are already an affiliate of ClickFunnels then you’re automatically signed up for the contest. In that case, there’s nothing more you need to do other than continue to promote ClickFunnels and meet the minimum qualifications. If you’re not yet an affiliate you can sign up to become a ClickFunnels affiliate here – and at no cost.

When new members sign up for ClickFunnels by clicking your affiliate link you’ll get credit for their subscription. You’ll move one step closer to obtaining your dream car with each new signup.

In your affiliate dashboard you’ll be able to keep track of the total number of people who have signed up using your affiliate link. There will be a progress bar with a blue Corvette above it.

The progress bar will look like this in the beginning (meaning you’ll start at 0 and progress to 100 and then 200 active members along the way):

ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest - Progress Bar

How Do I Qualify for the ClickFunnels Dream Car?

There are two simple steps to qualify for your dream car:

1) Sign up to become a ClickFunnels affiliate (if you haven’t already)

2) Promote ClickFunnels using your affiliate link

You will qualify when you have, and continue to maintain, at least 100 active members that have joined ClickFunnels using your link. Once that happens you will receive $500 per month towards the lease or purchase of your car. You’ll first need to lease or purchase the vehicle and then send proof of purchase (or lease) to ClickFunnels for verification.

Keep in mind that you must maintain a minimum of 100 active subscribers each month to qualify for the $500 reimbursement payment from ClickFunnels. If you drop below 100 active subscribers then your incentive payment goes away until you can qualify again.

NOTE: An “active” member is any subscriber at the $97 per month level or above.

BONUS: Once you hit 200 active members your monthly incentive doubles to $1,000 per month (and your commission payments from ClickFunnels also increase as a result!)

How Do I Promote the Dream Car Contest?

There are many ways to promote ClickFunnels but no matter how you choose to promote you’ll want to make sure you’re using your ClickFunnels affiliate links. If you promote without using your links then you won’t benefit (i.e. get paid) from any of the work you’ll be doing and your efforts to qualify for your dream car will be in vain – and that would totally suck!

If you want to know where and how to obtain your affiliate links all you need to do is sign in to your affiliate dashboard – assuming you already have a ClickFunnels account.

Once inside your affiliate dashboard you’ll have access to various offers that you can promote. And, when you drill down into each of those offers you’ll find your affiliate links for that specific offer. Each of your affiliate links will have your unique affiliate ID embedded in them. That is how ClickFunnels keeps track of which affiliate gets credit for the sale.

To drill down into a specific affiliate offer you will simply click a blue button labeled “Affiliate Tools – Get My Links!” – here’s an example of one:

ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest - Affiliate Tools Get My Links Button

If you haven’t yet signed up to become an affiliate you’ll want to first head over to the ClickFunnels affiliate sign-up page and create your free account.

If you are not a current user of ClickFunnels then you’ll want to click the Big Red Button labeled “Non-ClickFunnels Users” – refer to the image below. You can login to your affiliate account there AFTER you create a free account.

ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest - Affiliate Program Login Buttons

To create your free affiliate account you’ll need to fill out this form and then click the Create Your Account button.

Once your account has been created you can login to access your affiliate links. There will be opportunities to promote several ClickFunnels products as a new affiliate. As you become more successful with your promotions ClickFunnels will open up access to other products that you can promote.

Here is a sampling of some of the front-end Affiliate Opportunities you’ll have access to as a new affiliate and a brief explanation of the commission structure for back-end customer purchases:

As you can see, the more experience and success you have as an affiliate, the more opportunity you will have to earn higher and higher comissions (up to 40% on all products regardless of whether they came from front-end funnels or back-end funnels). But, you’ll first need to qualify, and apply for, those higher commission tiers when you qualify for them so don’t give up. Starting out is the hardest part but it gets better with time!

Your biggest goal in the beginning is to learn how to successfully promote ClickFunnels. Keep reading to learn exactly how to do just that.

Learn to Successfully Promote ClickFunnels

Success as an affiliate depends entirely upon your personal efforts and work habits as well as your ethics & moral code of conduct. In fact, ClickFunnels provides a helpful document that outlines the 5 ways to become a successful (and ethical) affiliate. Before you start promoting ClickFunnels I would suggest you thoroughly read through that document so you know what the rules and expectations of you are right out of the gate.

Bottom line is this: don’t be a scammer and try to game the system. You should expect to put in actual, ethical, effort to achieve your success because your results from doing that kind of work will be greater and last much longer than trying to make a quick buck on the front end. If your goal is to be a cheater then this affiliate program is not for you. In that case, don’t bother signing up!

You can download the Affiliate Best Practices document right from the affiliate sign-up page. It will look like this and all you have to do is click the Big Red Button to download it:

ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest - Affiliate Best Practices Download

One of the fastest ways to achieve success as a new ClickFunnels affiliate is to join the Official ClickFunnels Affiliate Facebook Group and sign up for the FREE Affiliate Bootcamp Summit. If you’re new to the world of affiliate marketing and have no idea where (or how) to start then this is the path you’ll want to take if you choose to promote ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest - Fastest Way to Succeed as an Affiliate

So there it is – your clear path to winning that car you’ve always dreamed of!

You should now have a deeper understanding of what it will take for you to not only qualify for your very own dream car, but to also build a successful affiliate marketing business that pays high-ticket affiliate commissions on top of the money you’ll be paid for earning that car!

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

I want to wish you luck as you begin your journey and encourage you to never give up because the effort you put forth now will pay off in the end if you stick with it.

If you need help along the way you can 1) use the contact form on this website to get in touch with me directly or 2) post your questions in the ClickFunnels Affiliate Facebook Group online.

If you choose to also enter the ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge then you’ll have access to online coaching and help building funnels to promote any kind of product online.

You’re never alone and help is always close by if you’ll only ask for it.

And, remember, as Russell always says, “You’re only one funnel away”.

Let me know how I can help and…

Good luck!

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